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Quattro FX Full face mask

Quattro FX Full face mask

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Compact, lightweight and quiet, the Quattro FX Full Face Mask offers stability and freedom of movement. It is easy to put on and allows you a greater feeling of freedom thanks to its unobstructed field of vision.

Main characteristics


  • The Spring Air double-wall cushion Sits gently on the lower part of the nose bridge and provides an excellent seal.
  • The area of ​​contact with the face is reduced, which limits the risk of skin irritation.
  • Has no front support thanks to its sprung frame.


  • The flexible frame allows a large number of movements while maintaining the stability of the mask.
  • Its unique frame frees the field of vision to allow reading, for example.

Easy to use

  • Sets up quickly thanks to its limited number of adjustment points and its Set and Forget harness, which retains its optimal fit.
  • Its 360 O swivel connection makes it easy to disconnect the mask from the breathing circuit if you have to get up during the night.


  • Its built-in vents gently direct exhaled air away from you and the person sleeping next to you.

Suitable for women

  • The Quattro FX for Her version features sleek tones and a range of smaller sizes.
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