Resmed Airsense 11 Autoset with modem

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The AirSense 11 device gives you effective therapy options combined with enhanced digital health technology. Enjoy its ease of use, the comfort of sleep apnea treatment and its many MyAir features to establish and maintain good habits throughout your treatment.

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Comfort is essential

Finding a CPAP mask that fits comfortably and correctly is crucial to continuing sleep apnea treatment. Everyone breathes and sleeps differently, which is why our 30-day CPAP mask exchange policy ensures you get the mask that's right for you, ensuring optimal results during sleep apnea therapy.

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Precise airflow

Nasal Masks

Ideal for people who change position and are restless during the night.


Lightweight option

Nasal Masks

Airflow is delivered comfortably through the nose.


Full coverage

Face Masks

Recommended if you breathe through your mouth and nose.


Are you going on an adventure?

Explore our CPAP collection for outdoor activities - where adventure meets restful sleep.

CPAP Adventure
  • CPAP Accessories

    Replace regularly for best results.

    CPAP connectors and other accessories.

  • CPAP cleaning

    For gentle treatment

    Keep your CPAP machine clean and disinfected for a healthier treatment.

  • Power supply

    Are you going somewhere?

    Continue your sleep apnea treatment wherever you are.

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