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AirFit F30i - Full Face Mask

AirFit F30i - Full Face Mask


The AirFit F30i is a high connection face mask with a comfortable subnasal cushion. Sleep in any position you want and say goodbye to red marks on the bridge of the nose. AirFit F30i is part of the AirFit 30 line of ultra-compact masks.

sleep how you want

Thanks to the AirFit F30i face mask, sleep easily in the position of your choice. If you're a stomach sleeper, you'll appreciate the absence of any tubing at the front of the mask.

Ease of use

The AirFit F30i mask features magnetic clips and a quick release elbow to make your life easier. Putting on and taking off the mask is quick, practical and intuitive, thanks to the magnetic clips that allow the harness to be quickly attached to the frame.

Nothing above your nose

The F30i's ultra-compact bubble sits comfortably under your nose, not above it. Thanks to less contact with your face, you feel better and the red marks and pressure on your nasal bridge are just bad memories.

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