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Fisher & Paykel

Evora nasal mask

Evora nasal mask

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  • Slips on and off easily, like a cap.
  • You will appreciate its very comfortable soft knitted fabric harness.
  • Its floating nasal cushion which allows the mask to follow you in your movements.
  • Its radial air flow also reduces noise to a minimum.

The "Fitpack" set contains four (4) sizes of nasal pillows: Small-Large (SW), Small (S), Medium (M) and Large (L).

Main characteristics


  • Its unique size CapFit MC harness is put on intuitively
  • The structure of the harness ensures that the cushion always shows up in the right place.

Comfortable and stable

  • Its compact and discreet floating cushion settles gently under the nose.
  • The soft fabric of his harness includes AirEdges that prevent marks on the face.
  • Its stability wings keep the mask in place all night long, while providing freedom of movement.


  • Its laser-etched vent holes help reduce noise and draft.
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