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Fisher & Paykel

Eson 2 nasal mask

Eson 2 nasal mask

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The Eson 2 nasal mask works quietly thanks to a diffuser that reduces the sensation of expiratory leakage. Its sealing cushion that reduces pressure on the bridge of the nose and its narrower frame to clear the field of vision to provide comfort and user-friendliness. In addition, its intuitive harness makes it very easy to use.

Main characteristics

Comfortable and stable

  • Its RollFit sealing cushion automatically adjusts to the bridge of the nose to relieve pressure.
  • Its small EasyFrame frame ensures perfect stability.


  • Its narrow frame clears the field of vision and allows reading.

Easy to use and clean

  • Its intuitive harness improves ergonomics and simplifies adjustment.
  • Its VisiBlue markings incorporated into the components facilitate disassembly, cleaning and reassembly.
  • Its diffuser is washable and resistant.


  • Its operation is silent thanks to a diffuser that reduces noise and the sensation of expiratory leakage
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